The real agendas behind the ‘separation of families’ psy-ops meme


For years – decades, actually – the Democrats have been facilitating the invasion of our country by millions of people who are from, as President Trump once reportedly described them, “s-hole countries.” The constantly cited figure of “11 million illegal immigrants [sic]” is a joke. It has remained constant for more than a decade, while new waves of illegal immigrants arrive annually. There are more likely tens of millions of illegal aliens here. In California, according to the L.A. Times, July 8, 2015, non-Hispanic whites are now in the minority, having been outnumbered by Latinos, AKA “people of color.” Little of this profound demographic shift is a result of legal immigration. This recent wave of immigrants, coming from poor countries with repressive backward regimes, as a rule do not believe in the laws and the importance and supremacy of the founding documents of this country, including the Constitution.

Our domestic politics is increasingly manipulated by, and now follows and reflects, this profound demographic shift. Soon, living in the United States will totally be like living in the s-hole countries of Mexico and Central America. (In 2017, the most powerful Democrat in the California legislature – open borders activist and California state Senate president pro tem Kevin de León – bragged that “‘half his family’ was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation.” De León is now challenging fellow Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein from the left in the November election.)

Many of the separated “migrant children,” who are now being highlighted in the mainstream media as a story that might actually stick to President Trump, arrive without any experience, skills, or training to prepare them to live in a first-world country. As Breitbart reported on June 15 about a visit to the government facility in El Cajón, California, where migrant children are being housed:

They are also given toiletries and lessons in hygiene – literally how to flush a toilet, brush their teeth, and operate the shower, which some of the children may have never seen in their lives.

The agenda of the Democrats and open borders advocates is now to push to finish the job and to make open borders the legal, as opposed to only the de facto, status quo. The reason is simple: millions more illegals means millions of additional reliable votes for Democrats in their plan to make the United States a one-party socialist country like what they have achieved in the state of California in less than two decades as the result of the invasion of illegals there, most of whom can now vote.

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