Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe Says Government Was Protecting America By Spying On Trump Campaign


Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe claimed the federal government was trying to protect America from Russian interference when it attempted to place an informant within the Trump campaign.

“We’ve got irrefutable evidence that a hostile power was trying to meddle with our election and undermine the value of your vote, everyone’s vote. That evidence is now beyond dispute,” Tribe said on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday. “What does the FBI do? It warns the campaigns that they may be in danger and it also keeps an eye open for strange activity and as your earlier segment showed it finds plenty of it.”

Tribe claimed the use of informers does not amount to spying and praised the Department of Justice for trying to “protect” the American people.

“It looks like there is a conspiracy afoot,” he continued. “At that point the Department of Justice is doing exactly what we would want it to do to protect all of us. And it uses a standard technique. It debriefs informers that its relied on. It’s not surveillance, it’s not spying.”

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