Teen killed in school shooting knew suspect would target her


The teen who was hounded and ultimately killed by alleged Texas school shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis told her parents she was afraid the creep would hurt her — and that if he did, she’d “haunt him forever,” her dad said.

Shana Fisher, 16, had the chilling premonition just two weeks before she was gunned down — along with seven other students and two teachers at Santa Fe High School.

“Shana told her mother two weeks ago he was going to come and kill her,” her dad, Timothy Thomas, told the Daily Mail.

The girl’s mother, Sadie Rodriguez, recounted to multiple outlets how the twisted Pagourtzis, 17, went after her daughter for four months — until Fisher ultimately told him to cut it out in front of their class, a week before his rampage.

“I know he had pestered her to go out with him. She kept telling him no. For one, he supposedly already had a girlfriend. And two, she just didn’t have feelings for the boy,” said Thomas, 41.

“What kind of person thinks the appropriate response is to kill her and a class full of people?”

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