Stormy Daniels performance cut short after drunk man throws wallet in her face


A drunk patron at Stars Cabaret in Bend threw his wallet at alleged presidential mistress Stormy Daniels in the middle of her much-anticipated strip show Thursday night, cutting short her performance.

Daniels, the 39-year-old porn star at the center of a Trump administration scandal involving a $130,000 hush money payoff, was dancing to Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” with nothing but high heels and a garter on her right leg when she was hit in the face with the wallet. Shocked, she ran off the stage after throwing the wallet back at the man. The crowd booed as an announcer said the show had to be stopped.

Daniels was not hurt, but Bend police arrived and interviewed the patron outside the club.

“I was being wasted,” the unnamed patron told police. Daniels refused to press charges, and the man was let go, free to walk home.

“I think she is a really nice person,” the man said. “I am extremely sorry.”

As Daniels’ show, delayed by hours because her luggage was lost by an airline, approached well after midnight, the club remained crowded.

She finally took the stage shortly after 1 a.m. dressed in a patriotic bustier and long red skirt that flowed down to her high heels. The crowd yelled, “We love you Stormy,” as she pranced around the stripper pole to Lenny Kravitz’s cover of “American Woman.”

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