Former WWF wrestler, 59, suffers broken jaw, broken eye socket and a concussion after being assaulted by six young men


A former WWF wrestler was violently beaten by six young men right in front of his California home over a parking spot.

Tom Magee, 59, was left with a broken jaw, broken eye socket and a concussion in the attack.

The horrific incident took place on Tuesday in the Mar Vista neighborhood where Magee also serves as watch dog.

Blood is visible spattered on the sidewalk where the vicious attack unfolded.

‘Tom came and encountered the young men, and it proceeded to a fight,’ Kendall Noxxel, Magee’s friend, said to CBS.

‘It was sort of a conflict over who was allowed to park in this spot,’ he added.

‘They were literally kicking him, punching him in the face and in the head,’ another neighbor said.

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