Theresa May on Syria airstrikes: ‘We have not done this because Trump asked us to’


The Labour MP Laura Smith asks at what point President Trump instructed May to take military action.

“At no point at all,” May replies. She says it was her decision to order military action to enforce norms against the use of chemical weapons.

On how the Douma attack was ‘a stain on our humanity’

Mr Speaker, the images of this suffering are utterly haunting.

Innocent families – seeking shelter in underground bunkers – found dead with foam in their mouths, burns to their eyes and their bodies surrounded by a chlorine-like odour.

Children gasping for life as chemicals choked their lungs.

The fact that such an atrocity can take place in our world today is a stain on our humanity.

On why the government thinks the Syrian regime was responsible

A significant body of information – including intelligence – indicates the Syrian Regime is responsible for this latest attack.

Open source accounts state that barrel bombs were used to deliver the chemicals. Barrel bombs are usually delivered by helicopters. Multiple open source reports and intelligence indicates that Regime helicopters operated over Douma on the evening of 7th April, shortly before reports emerged in social media of a chemical attack. And the Syrian military officials coordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine weapons.

Mr Speaker, no other group could have carried out this attack.

The Opposition does not operate helicopters or use barrel bombs.Daesh does not even have a presence in Douma.

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