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Yesterday I woke up to an absolute horror. I felt that someone had punched me in the gut when I saw that the ban on bringing elephant and other wildlife trophies into the United States was secretly lifted for hunters on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. I felt betrayed. I had spent a dinner talking to the President about environmental issues, and especially this, and this is what happened anyway.

Painting by Jill Gibson © UPI Utopia Productions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

Well, they didn’t do it secretly enough, because I found out about it and I brought it to you the Savage Nation audience. I made it clear that this was a red line that could not be crossed, that now elephants, lions and other big game had a target painted on them. I explained that the root of ‘conservative’ is the same as ‘conservation’ and the two do not need to be diametrically opposed. I explained what was meant by dominion, as I carefully spelled out in God Faith and Reason. I sent Mr. Trump the article I wrote saying, ‘Mr. President, You Are Just Plain Wrong.’ People in the administration told me personally the President received this information.

And then I brought it to you on air. You called and said you supported the President but this was too much for you. That if this was in fact going to allow elephant trophies and lion trophies into the United States, even on a ‘case-by-case’ basis, you would not stand for it and you would no longer be able to support him.

The White House has announced that Trump is still opposed to elephant trophies despite the new policy, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will still allow some imports. We hope that the president will step in here and overrule this order. I have a voice that was heard and was listened to. And it’s important because, who else will speak for these animals? I will, and you will, and we must heard.

Hear Savage’s monologue from yesterday calling on President Trump to reinstate the ban of elephant, lions, and other so-called trophy kill imports.