The Savage Nation

Anti-Gentrification ‘Activists’ Embrace Violence, Threats


When I think about heroic activists, one name stands tallest: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He fully embraced non-violence as the means to combat injustice, and by never raising a hand against his opponents, he won.

Today, some anti-gentrification “activists” would do well to learn those lessons. In communities all around the nation, people see opportunity in lower-income neighborhoods. They enter the areas, start businesses and renovate structures. They raise property values and create jobs and boost our standard of living. They also drive out prior residents who were renters.

This process is the natural result of a market economy. That being said, it’s rough on the people displaced, who can no longer afford to live in the neighborhood they may well have grown up in. It’s not difficult to understand the emotions of people protesting the natural results of liberty.

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