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Breitbart’s Aaron Klein: Belief in Two-State Solution Fits Definition of Insanity

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Continued belief in the so-called two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a symptom of mental illness and fits the textbook definition of delusional, exclaimed Breitbart Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein on his weekend talk radio program.

“Anybody at this point who believes in the two-state solution is exhibiting symptoms of mental illness,” stated Klein.

“The emperor so very clearly has no clothes,” he continued. “The Palestinians have rejected every state offered to them and the Palestinian Authority openly supports terrorism and rejects Israel. We all know a Palestinian state anytime in the near future will be at war with Israel and Western civilization. Maybe one day a long time from now if the Palestinians have a moderate leadership and evidence that they really want peace after generations of pushing hate, maybe we can have another conversation. But right now, it’s game over and it is delusional to think otherwise.”

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