You’ve noticed and we’ve pointed out that CNN is basically the propaganda arm of the Left. They are all in on any story about our agenda and pointing out the negatives and the Left’s take on it. That’s a given. We all know that. I put in evidence Chuck Schumer appearing on Wolf Blitzer’s show to repudiate what I presented to you on the air about his anti-white comments. That’s where he goes to blame ‘right wing radio’ taking his statement out of context. We all know what he means by right wing radio.

I called to invite Chuck Schumer on this show to tell me exactly what I got wrong, but of course no one answered at his DC office and at about 10:30 this morning we called his NY office and spoke with a woman named Kristen who said she would refer us to the DC office. When we called back the DC office, there was still no answer. He’ll only go on a friendly medium like Wolf Blitzer’s show because he knows he won’t be challenged.

But I ask you, is Fox News any less fake news than CNN?

Who was it that has been informing you about the San Francisco streets and the trash they’ve turned into? You’ve heard it here for weeks. So then Tucker Carlson does a story on it on Friday night. Who does he go to? Does he go to the person who has researched it and who has been talking about this for weeks? No. He goes to some unknown local host.

It’s all fake news. What are they afraid of? Why will Fox News not have on the leading voice when it comes to this story? When it comes to the person who has tirelessly researched this and brought it to you on the air. Fox News is as guilty of silencing voices as CNN or MSNBC. So who can you turn to for the truth?