Alleged school shooter’s mom paid $50K to adopt him from ‘drug addict’


Mom Lynda Cruz paid $50,000 to adopt alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz from his “drug addict” biological mother when he was just 3 days old, and then dropped another $15,000 on his younger half-brother, Zachary, when she found out the troubled mom was pregnant again, according to a report.

“Nik’s biological mother was just a complete screw-up, drug addict and thief,” former friend and neighbor Trish Duvaney told RadarOnline.

“I even said to Lynda: ‘You don’t know the mother’s background.’ Both children were born after one-night stands. The birth mother, she didn’t even really know who the two biological fathers were.”

Lynda was about 50 at the time, and she and husband Roger Cruz were struggling to adopt a child because of her relatively advanced age, Duvaney said.

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