The Savage Nation

Child Protective Services Should Investigate Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, in my opinion, has committed child abuse. In a sane society, she would be visited by Child Protective Services who would investigate what they’ve done to this grandchild that he would so hate himself as to wish he had brown skin.

Do you have any idea how sick this really is? We hear about fat shaming. We hear about girls who are almost driven to suicide by being told that they are not thin enough, not pretty enough, don’t meet a certain stereotype, and they become mentally warped from it.

What do you think the radical feminist monsters are doing to your son and your daughter at college by telling them that whiteness is a crime? What do you think they are doing to your children? They’re committing child abuse in the universities.

So now we see it’s no longer limited to the universities. It’s actually coming out of the mouths of perhaps the most powerful woman in America which makes her one of the most powerful women in the world of European heritage, ashamed of her own heritage, ashamed of her own skin color.

Does it affect you like it’s affecting me? Do you think this is simply for effect that I’m doing this? If you think that, you are a sick person. There are certain things that are worth fighting for and worth taking risks for and this is one of them in my opinion.

I want you to get me someone in Child Protective Services from Iowa or another state where there’s some sanity left and you tell me that if a five-year-old grandson gave a speech at his birthday and they said to that grandson ‘What do you wish child?’ And the child says ‘I wish I was not this skin color and I wish I didn’t have this eye color.’ Tell me if you would not have probable cause to investigate that family for child abuse.

This is called ethnic castration or verbal eugenics and we have to stand up to it. If you don’t understand that this is an example of the child abuse that is going on in our schools, in our society, and now at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, and how any one of European heritage can ever ever vote for a Democrat — the worst Republican is safer for your future than any Democrat out there. They will kill all of us if this is not stopped.