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The Left Continues Their Modern Day Witch Hunt

We all know rape is about the worst thing you can do to anyone. I’ve said this for over 15 years. It’s about the worst thing you can do to a person is rape them, men, women you name it. And of course sexual harassment is real. It’s deadly. It destroys people. It destroys their soul,  and we all want it punished. But as people have said there is a big difference between rape and touching someone’s shoulder. There’s a difference between rape and suggesting that you go on a date with someone, but now we come back to the issue of who and why — Who’s getting and who’s not getting it.

Steve Wynn went out as the CEO of the company that carries his name accused now by sexual harassment claims. Now, a shocking tape on coverage of a 2003 interview with Quentin Tarantino on the Howard Stern Show where he defends the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl and nothing happened to Tarantino.

Now, why did they destroy Steve Wynn and not Tarantino? Well, there is a real reason. You could say it’s because Steve Wynn allegedly committed certain acts, but Tarantino is not being accused of any harassment. All Tarantino did on the Stern Show was defend the child rapist.

Isn’t that interesting? How do you feel about living in America during a witch hunt? We kept hearing about the Salem witch trials. How many girls who were tried during the Salem Witch Trials are actually innocent? Many, we were told, but it was based on what? Mass hysteria, and you’re telling me now there’s no mass hysteria in the United States of America. I would disagree with you on that one.