The last hours of the mom who led secret life online


An Alabama mom leading a double life was caught on surveillance footage stocking up on whiskey and absinthe with her hubby hours before her barely clothed corpse was found, according to a report.

The video, obtained by Inside Edition, shows victim Kathleen Dawn West, 42, walking into R&R Wine & Liquor in Calera on Jan. 12 just before 9 p.m., smiling alongside her husband, William Jeffrey West. It was the last time she was seen alive.

“They came in, it looked like they were on their date night,” shop worker Stacey Oglesby told Inside Edition. “They bought a bottle of Jameson and a bottle of Lucid absinthe and made their purchase and went on their way. Everything was normal.”

West is spotted in the footage wearing a leather jacket, tight jeans and wedges, and stands at the store counter as her husband playfully slaps her backside. Hours later, she was found dead outside her Calera home next to a cell phone and the bottle of absinthe she bought, it was reported.

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