Plainclothes Police Officers Severely Beaten by Drug-Dealing Migrants


Three Austrian plainclothes police officers were injured after they attempted to arrest two teenage Afghan asylum seekers who tried to sell them drugs.

The incident took place in the Prater area of Vienna’s Leopoldstadt district which contains one of the city’s main train stations and has become a hub for drug dealing and violence, often involving migrants. The officers were offered drugs by the Afghans and when they attempted to arrest the 16- and 19-year-old, they were met with heavy resistance Kronen Zeitung reports.

One officer suffered a broken nose after one of the asylum seekers punched him in the face, another had a major wound on his leg, and the third officer escaped the ordeal with bruises and cuts on his hands.

After the pair of asylum seekers were arrested last Friday, they were both taken to Korneuburg Prison where the 19-year-old admitted to being a part of the drug scene.

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