The Savage Nation

Trump Must Replace Obama’s Navy and Air Force Appointees

On his nationally syndicated program The Savage Nation, host Michael Savage denounced the Navy’s decision to file negligent homicide charges against US Navy commanders, citing the climate of political correctness that had permeated military culture during the Obama administration.

Savage called upon President Trump to replace Naval and Air Force bureaucrats appointed by President Obama:

This is an odd story for me — Navy filing homicide charges on ship commanders over collisions. I feel a little uncomfortable about those charges against the naval commanders because I understand that each ship is part of a whole and understand a commander has a responsibility to every ship in the fleet.

But we live in a climate of political insanity where let’s say these ships collided as they did because the people on watch duty weren’t doing their duty. Maybe they were high on medical marijuana. Maybe they were not looking. Maybe they were texting on their phones. Maybe they were just incompetent.

So you could say that it was the guys or the women who were put on watch that were responsible. I don’t know that if the commander, even the captain of any of these ships that collided had reprimanded any of these kids who were watching a watchman, so to speak, what would have happened.

Let’s go back before the accident. Let’s say there was a slacker on the ship it was on watch and the captain had been reported this guy’s a slacker or she’s no good, she’s not doing a job. She’s always texting on her iPhone when she’s on deck. She shouldn’t be doing it. Now if the captain had come down on her before the accident, she probably would have screamed bloody murder about sexism, racism this ‘ism’ or that ‘ism’ and the captain would have been in hot water. So how can you blame a captain or a commander for the incompetence of a crew when it’s the system itself that needs to be overhauled?

Well, that’s the problem with the Navy filing homicide charges on ship commanders over collisions. What’s even worse about this is that they were taking down an admiral who commanded the entire 7th Fleet. Do you know that the Navy fired several top leaders including the commander of the 7th Fleet Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoi?

That is not right and this is happening because the Navy secretary herself needs to be fired. I’m going to tell Trump that over and over again. You have a Navy secretary — unless I’m mistaken — who’s been replaced. Obama put a woman in who couldn’t drive a chris-craft motorboat let alone command the 7th Fleet. What she’s doing here is opening up the Navy to her, let us say, her friends. That’s what she wants to do here as far as I can tell.

And we have the same problem in the damn Air Force. This was once the greatest air force in the world until Hussein Obama put a woman in as secretary who never flew an airplane. She was a glorified air traffic controller. And I hear she’s a great air traffic controller, but that doesn’t make her an Air Force secretary. Trump needs to appoint a new Navy secretary and a new Air Force secretary to stop this nonsense before the Stalinist purges of our military is allowed to continue and destroy all of our able-bodied men.