Video: Elizabeth Warren Says ‘F Trump’ in Occupy Interview


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said during a Thursday Facebook Live interview that President Donald Trump deserves a “grade lower than F” for his first year in office and punctuated her point by adding, “So, F Trump.”

Warren was asked in her interview with the founders of Occupy Democrats, a popular liberal Facebook page with the aim of merging the “goals and interests” of Occupy Wall Street with those of the Democratic Party, how she would judge Trump’s first year in office.

“F,” said Warren, as the two men nodded. “I don’t know, is there a grade lower than F? F is as low as it gets, but for Trump I would look for something lower than F and I’ll tell you why.”

Warren said her grade was about both what Trump does and says, and entered into a discussion on how the recently passed tax legislation gives a “trillion and a half dollars” to the “thinnest slice at the top and then makes everyone else pay for it.”

“So, F Trump,” Warren said to laughter.

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