The British Nanny State Appoints a ‘Minister of Loneliness’

The United Kingdom has just announced that they are appointing a loneliness minister to combat the sad reality of modern life. That’s right; the nanny state has no limits to what it will do to help the poor, lonely people of the UK. So they made up a Minister for Loneliness.

I’m not making it up. It’s not a Benny Hill show. It’s not a comedy statement. They’re so crazy in England that they’re appointing a loneliness minister.

They appointed a woman aged 42 year old, minister for sport and civil society. She said she was up for the task of heading a government wide group responsible for policies connected to loneliness.

When announcing the appointment Prime Minister Theresa May cited research stating that 9 million people often or always feel lonely. I guess they just discovered that loneliness exists in Britain. I thought it was part of the vicissitudes of existence, but apparently in England they want to cure loneliness.

“For far too many people loneliness is the sad reality of modern life” said May. And so they said loneliness is now a social epidemic. They found that feeling alone was as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Why not 14 cigarettes a day? The BBC reported that feeling alone was as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Now I want to know how scientific that is. Why not 13.5 cigarettes a day or 14.21 or 16.1? How do they know it’s exactly equal to 15 cigarettes a day? And by the way what kind of cigarettes?

Crazy, but wait, the whole thing gets crazier the cross-party Commission on loneliness was set up in honor of Jo Cox a Labour Party politician — here it comes –murdered by a right-wing extremist in 2016 who campaigned on the issue. So they couldn’t resist the opportunity to attack nationalists in England, tying a loneliness commission to the murder of a commissioner on something or other and that’s how crazy England has become.