Catherine Deneuve among 100 French women denouncing ‘puritanical wave’ of #MeToo


Oscar-nominated actress Catherine Deneuve is among 100 notable French women who signed an open letter published Wednesday in Le Monde, saying the #MeToo movement — or rather its French equivalent — has gone too far and placed women’s sexual liberation at risk.

“Insistent or awkward come-ons aren’t a crime,” the letter said. “This fever for sending ‘pigs’ to the abattoir, far from helping empower women, in reality serves the interests of the enemies of sexual liberation.”

The French version of the #MeToo hashtag is #BalanceTonPorc — which has been translated by some as “squeal on your pig.”

Among other things, the letter lamented a “puritanical wave” creating restrictions on free speech, consensual sexuality and a lack of due process for the accused.

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