James Franco accused of sexual misconduct by five women


Five women accused James Franco of sexual misconduct in a bombshell report from the Los Angeles Times released Thursday, four of whom were his students.

“I feel there was an abuse of power, and there was a culture of exploiting non-celebrity women, and a culture of women being replaceable,” said Sarah Tither-Kaplan, who also tweeted her allegations against Franco, 39, on Sunday during the Golden Globes.

Tither-Kaplan, 26, claimed that while filming an orgy scene for a project for Franco’s Studio 4 film school three years ago, Franco removed protective plastic guards covering the actresses’ vaginas. In the scene, Franco simulated oral sex on the women. Another actress confirmed this account in the report.

The Times reported two other women on the shoot recalled negative experiences and that Franco allegedly got angry when actresses refused to go topless in scenes.

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