‘99% media hype’: Experts dismiss worries of so-called murder hornets


Insect experts say the buzz around a bug dubbed the “murder hornet” is being overhyped. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to kill tens of thousands of people in the United States, a new viral story began to emerge about an invasive stinging insect called the “murder hornet,” but experts are saying not to be overly concerned. Bug experts told the Associated Press that while the Asian giant hornet could pose a threat to honeybees, those in the U.S. shouldn’t worry that the large two-inch hornet will kill them. “They are not ‘murder hornets.’ They are just hornets,” said Chris Looney, a Washington Agriculture Department entomologist. Reports about the insect’s presence in the Pacific Northwest began to emerge this month and sparked fear that the bugs may be invading the region. Despite that, no live hornets have been seen in 2020 after two dead bugs were discovered in Washington last December. Additionally, only one nest was found in Canada last September that was then destroyed. Although the hornet has killed people in Asia and has more powerful venom than other stinging insects, the deaths are incredibly rare, the experts stressed.


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