94-Year-Old Woman Randomly Stabbed While Out For Walk In San Francisco Neighborhood; Suspect Arrested 5 Times In 2020: ‘What Do You Have To Do To Actually Go To Jail In SF?

CBS Local – San Francisco:

‘Why Would Something Like This Happen To Me?’ 94-Year-Old Anh ‘Peng’ Taylor Recovering After Shocking SF Stabbing Attack

Recovering in the hospital following a shocking stabbing attack in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, 94-year-old Anh “Peng” Taylor had a simple question for her niece keeping vigil with her: “Why would something like this happen to me?”

Taylor was the victim in what San Francisco police say was an unprovoked attack Wednesday morning on the 800 block of Post St.

Her family says she was stabbed straight through her wrist and hit in the head. She also suffered minor stab wounds in her torso. Taylor is expected to survive.

Taylor’s niece also said her aunt told her that after the attack there were passers-by who didn’t stop to help her, but one person did call 911 which brought police officers right away.

“I visit with her once, twice a week, we hang out. It’s just sad that someone would be such a monster and so cruel,” said friend and neighbor Miranda Benvenuti.

KPIX 5 obtained a photo of the suspect from a law enforcement source that was circulated among officers to capture 35-year-old Daniel Cauich, less than two hours after the attack.

“She just goes for little walks with her cane, she doesn’t bother anybody,” said Benvenuti. “She gives us cookies because he saved her hand from the elevator gate once.”

Her niece said Taylor is Chinese Vietnamese and a widow of a US war veteran, who passed away about two years ago.

She used to be a chef and had her own restaurant in Laos, where she met her husband. They married in Bangkok and lived there for a few years, before moving to Hawaii and eventually San Francisco in the early seventies.

Taylor has lived in her San Francisco apartment for the last 40-plus years.

“It’s kind of like shock now, especially for elderly people and I have my dad too, who lives two buildings from here, so I’m kind of concerned,” said Juan Carlos, who lives in the building.

Benvenuti has taken steps to protect herself.

“The violence has increased a lot in this neighborhood lately, and I myself walk around with a stun gun when I’m alone, because there’s strange types everywhere, and they come at you on the street,” said Benvenuti.

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