9-year-old Astroworld victim succumbs – Death toll now 10


The death toll from the Astroworld music festival rose to 10 after a nine-year-old boy became the youngest person to die from injuries suffered during a crowd surge at the event, according to reports. Multiple lawsuits have now been filed following the deaths and injuries at Travis Scott’s performance on November 5 at the festival in Houston, Texas. A criminal investigation into the incident is ongoing, police reported.

“The Blount family tonight is grieving the incomprehensible loss of their precious young son. This should not have been the outcome of taking their son to a concert, what should have been a joyful celebration. Ezra’s death is absolutely heartbreaking. We are committed to seeking answers and justice for the Blount family. But tonight we stand in solidarity with the family, in grief, and in prayer,” the statement from Crump said

Bernon Blount previously told CNN his grandson was in Houston to see “his favorite artist” and attended the concert with his father, Treston Blount.

Concertgoers were crushed, trampled and struggled to breathe as the packed crowd surged toward an outdoor stage when rapper and headliner Travis Scott started performing. “When my son went to the concert, he had my grandson on his shoulder,” Blount said. “All the people pushed in and he could not breathe so he ended up passing out because of all the pressure that was being applied to his body. And when he passed out, Ezra fell off his shoulder and fell into the crowd.”

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