New York City – The New Liberal ‘Utopia’

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New York Post:

Some people are complaining about the state of New York City these days. Don’t listen. Those reactionaries are just salty because they’re no longer in charge. Our progressive leadership has crafted an exemplar for the nation.

Yes, we have our challenges. COVID-19 hit us hard, but every cloud has a silver lining. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to force the infected to shelter among our most vulnerable elderly took care of their entrenched, pre-2020 mentalities (have you seen how plus-65s vote?).

Let’s move on to happier subjects. Join me, if you would, please, on a guided tour of our liberal utopia.

Landfills were unsustainable, so lately we’ve made composting a reality on most sidewalks. Piles of garbage as tall as Mayor Bill de Blasio are a fixture in every community. That tangy stench in the air isn’t the smell of urban ­decay — it’s the perfume of progress.

Without the lure of nightlife, and with murder rates skyrocketing, few drivers are venturing into the Big Apple. So we can ­finally witness the beauty of car-free living, where psychotic cyclists can soar in every direction undeterred by the threat of automobiles or the annoyance of traffic lights.

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