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New York Post:

It’s in the heart of Greenwich Village, with 360-degree park views, ample space — and no rent!

Washington Square Park’s famed fountain has been turned into a private crash pad by a troubled homeless man — who has been allowed to stay by a city administration afraid to tackle any quality of life issues.

Matthew John Mishefski, 25, said he has been squatting at the drained New York landmark since May, in a makeshift home that now includes comforts such as a table, six chairs, a pink recliner, a box of clothes and a colorful beach umbrella.

Mishefski’s presence in Washington Square Park is well known to police — who arrested him at around 12:15 a.m. on June 13 after they say he refused to leave the park after hours.

He was hit with charges including criminal trespass and failure to comply with signs — but then released after a short say in a hospital for evaluation. He was soon back at his encampment, and police claim they have been able to do nothing since — saying they have been begging the city to get him help.


“While we cannot discuss specific cases, which are protected by client confidentiality, we can confirm that as part of our City’s 24/7/365 outreach efforts, outreach teams visit regularly to engage individuals who may be living unsheltered, including this individual, offering them services and supports,” said Isaac McGinn.

“We remain undeterred and will keep coming back to build trust, make those breakthroughs and help them get back on their feet.”

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