74 Times Leftist Protesters Engaged in Violence, Destruction, or Intimidation — In Past 30 Days

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Left-wing protests and riots created chaos in the lead-up to Election Day 2020. Below are 74 incidents of violent protests, riots, intimidation, and acts of anarchy carried out by leftists.

  1. WATCH: Rioters Move from Businesses to Residential Streets in Portland

Rioters quickly moved from a business district in northeast Portland onto residential streets after police declared a riot condition. Anti-capitalist, anti-police rioters marched through a neighborhood overturning trashcans and shouting at residents.

2. Looters Beat Police Officer with Stolen Cash Register During DC Protest

Protesters in Washington, D.C. yelled “f**k 12” and took turns beating an officer with a stolen cash register as he lay injured on the ground.

3. Nolte: Riots, Lockdowns Implode Rental Markets in Democrat-Run Cities

“Renters have never had so many options in Manhattan,” reports Bloomberg. “The number of apartment listings in New York’s most expensive borough has tripled from last year, the highest figure for vacancies in recent history. Asking rents in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens have imploded.”

4. Antifa Attacks Neighborhood — Vandalizing and Shining Lights into Homes in Vancouver, Washington

Antifa descended on a house with a large Trump sign and American flag while protesting in Vancouver, Washington, late Friday night. Vandals tore down a fence and smashed out windows of a vehicle as they yelled, “f*ck Donald Trump!” They also shined bright strobe lights into homes as they verbally accosted residents.

5. Watch: Antifa Burns U.S. Flag While Shouting ‘Death to Your F**king Empire’

Antifa protesters took to the streets of suburban Vancouver, Washington, and burned American flags during their Halloween-night “anti-capitalism” protests. During one of these burns, a protester yelled, “Death to your f**king empire!”

6. Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Deploys National Guard After Four Days of Riots Ravage Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania National Guard arrived on the streets of Philadelphia Friday after four nights of protests, riots, and looting. Governor Tom Wolf (D) promised to mobilize hundreds of troops on October 27.

7. Fourteen DC Police Officers Injured During Wednesday Riots — One Lost Eyesight

Rioters in Washington, D.C., injured 14 police officers in the chaos that ensued during the city’s second night of protests over the death of Karon Hylton. The injuries include one officer losing eyesight after being targeted with a laser.

8. Watch: Black Woman Describes Anguish of Her Boutique’s Destruction by Philadelphia Looters

A Black female entrepreneur in Philadelphia described the shock of seeing her boutique looted by rioters following the police shooting of an armed Black man on Monday. Security video shows a mob racing into her store and cleaning it out in less than a minute.

9. WATCH: BLM Protesters Target Jews in Philadelphia While Yelling ‘Synagogue of Satan’

Rioters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, targeted a group of religious Jews at protests Tuesday evening against the police shooting of an armed black man, calling them names, shoving them, and chasing them from the scene.

10. Watch: Car Drives into Line of NYPD Cops During Protest, At Least One Officer Wounded

A car with blacked-out windows drove through a line of police officers to avoid being arrested. At least one officer sustained a leg injury during the assault.

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