700 Migrants Cross in Five Hours at Texas Border Town

Within the course of a few short hours, nearly 700 migrants waded across the Rio Grande hoping to surrender to authorities and gain release into the United States. Breitbart Texas posted at several major migrant crossings and observed several large and small migrant groups surrendering to Texas Army National Guard soldiers, Highway Patrol troopers, and Border Patrol agents in and around the small Texas border town of Eagle Pass on Sunday.

The first large migrant group crossed the Rio Grande near Normandy, Texas, 20 miles north of Eagle Pass. The group of nearly 300 migrants, mostly single adults, surrendered to Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol troopers and Border Patrol agents. Some members of the migrant group waited for nearly four hours to be transported to a nearby processing center. The delay in transporting the migrants from the immediate border area was the result of the sudden, overwhelming influx of migrants surrendering to law enforcement authorities in a short span of time.


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