CDC Teams Race to Catch Up to Spread of Coronavirus in U.S.

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“…there are people without symptoms who carry the virus,” … “San Francisco airport, tens of thousands of people have returned and been allowed back in the community — it could be a lot of people. It could be hundreds of people who have it…”

EDITOR’S NOTE – Just hundreds? Who said “Close the borders” and “Stop the flights” ?? SAVAGE SAID IT, IN JANUARY!!!

“Did she go to the spa?” they wanted to know late last week. “Did she go to church? Did she go to a playground?”

Now, the CDC is sending another team to Washington state, where the first U.S. virus death was reported Saturday after a potential outbreak at a King County health facility that cares for the elderly. The county reported a second death late Sunday, and there were at least two other confirmed cases in Washington, two in Florida, three in California and the first in New York and Rhode Island.


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