Violent protesters cause mayhem, set APD car on fire in downtown Atlanta

A peaceful protest in downtown Atlanta turned violent Saturday evening when protesters set a police car on fire and started smashing windows.

Six protesters were arrested, Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum announced in a news conference on Saturday night. Those people have not been identified and their charges have not been released.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said several of those who were arrested do not live in the Atlanta area or in Georgia.

Hundreds of protesters, who are opposed to the construction of an APD training center, gathered at Underground Atlanta before moving down Peachtree St. in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Chief Schierbaum said a group of the protesters dressed in all black then began peacefully marching down Peachtree St. When they got to the intersection of Ellis Street, some of the protesters began breaking windows and attacking APD patrol cars. One of the APD cruisers was set on fire.

Within two blocks, Atlanta police officers on the scene had stopped the violence from spreading further into downtown. Chief Schierbaum said the group’s intention was to continue causing damage.

Three businesses, including a Wells Fargo bank, were damaged, Schierbaum said.


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