500+ Industry Professionals Demand Publishing Companies Blacklist Books by Trump Administration Officials

In the latest attempt to censor and ostracize associates of former President Donald Trump, professors, authors, and industry professionals are now demanding that publishing companies refuse book deals for members of the Trump administration. Multiple professors have joined more than 500 authors and industry professionals in demanding a Trump blacklist from the publishing industry.

“As members of the writing and publishing community of the United States, we affirm that participation in the administration of Donald Trump must be considered a uniquely mitigating criterion for publishing houses when considering book deals,” said professors in an open letter.

The letter has so far been signed by over 500 “authors, editors, agents, and all other publishing professionals,” including professors, such as Robert Cooley of Kansas City University, Tania James of George Mason University, and Edward Sellner of Saint Catherine University.

The letter also insists that while its signees “love book publishing,” they nonetheless believe that “our country is where it is  in part because publishing has chased the money and notoriety of some pretty sketchy people.”

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