5 Ways Democrats Are Making Job Losses Worse

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Nearly everything Democrats have done at the national level has made the job losses from coronavirus worse.

You would not know that from the mainstream media, which have under-reported Democrats’ malfeasance and have failed to report President Donald Trump’s successes, which are gaining attention abroad.

1. Delay. Democrats have delayed every single coronavirus relief bill. In March, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stopped a bipartisan CARES Act from going forward, then introduced her own version of the legislation with pork for left-wing interests and purely partisan provisions like voting by mail. In April, Pelosi delayed the extension of the Payment Protection Program (PPP) by 16 days. The media let her get away with it, both times.

2. Using state unemployment systems rather than direct payments. When the administration proposed sending money directly to Americans, Democrats insisted on using the state unemployment systems. The CARES Act ultimately included both kinds of payments. But as Trump later observed, some states struggled to handle the unemployment caseload, resulting in delays in payments many who had just lost their jobs.

3. Making unemployment more lucrative than work. Democrats tacked on $600 per week in additional unemployment benefits under the CARES Act. A few Republicans protested: that would make layoffs more attractive, and hiring more difficult, for employers. They were attacked in the media. But that they were right. “Workers on unemployment benefits are reluctant to give them up,” the Wall Street Journal reported last week.