4th Of July Parade Shooting Person Of Interest Is Chicago-Area Rapper; Videos Have Shooting Imagery

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The person of interest identified by authorities in the Fourth of July parade shooting is a Chicago-area rapper.

One of his music videos, for the song “Toy Soldier,” features crude, stick-figure-like animation of a man firing a long gun at people and later lying face-down in a pool of blood after apparently being shot by police. The accompanying lyric is: “I just want to scream/F*ck this world/Livin’ the dream.”

He also has an IMDb page that lists him as the writer, director, composer, producer and actor in a pair of music videos. In one, he is rapping on a set made to resemble a small classroom. He is seated at a desk and reaches into his backpack; the screen goes dark, and a gunshot-like sound is heard. When the video returns, he is on his knees and falls to the floor. Maniacal laughter is heard, he drops shell casings from his hands and rubs against an American flag.

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