4,000 ‘thugs for hire’ from murderous Wagner Group released onto Kyiv’s streets  

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The Mirror

Mercenaries from the Wagner Group are have been handed a hit-list of 24 men in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, including President Volodymyr Zelensky and the two Klitschko brothers

Up to 4,000 “thugs for hire” fighters from Russia’s murderous Wagner Group are being unleashed to hunt down Kyiv’s elite. The heavily-armed unit flew in from missions in Africa and the east of Ukraine with a hit-list of 24 men – their top target President Volodymyr Zelensky. The two Klitschko brothers are also on the list for assassination by the rogue warriors, many of whom are ex-Spetsnaz special forces or have served long prison sentences. One source told the Daily Mirror: “There are violent offenders who have done time inside among the Wagner Group, who are extremely well-trained. “It is run by intelligence operatives, special forces and some extremely blood-soaked people who have done very bad things.” This fits in with the high degree of existing espionage and human intelligence activity in the country and using the Wagner Group is an established long term method of the Russian military.

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