36 members of Congress sign letter calling for Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller’s immediate release from grim military brig after he was detained for repeatedly criticizing chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal


Hearing for Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller will determine today whether he’s released from the Camp Lejeune brig

Members of the public and the media are prohibited from observing the high-profile case

He was jailed Monday for defying orders to stop posting videos online that condemned Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan

Dozens of congressmembers are calling for him to be released from the lockup

His hearing was delayed Thursday as prosecutors and Scheller’s lawyer seek to reach a resolution

A source close to Scheller’s legal team say they hope to get him an honorable discharge

Dozens of congressmembers have demanded the immediate release of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller after he was jailed for defying orders to stop publicly criticizing the nation’s Afghanistan withdrawal. Scheller, 40, was arrested and jailed at the Camp Lejeune brig Monday for allegedly breaking four military laws by refusing orders to stop posting critical videos on social media. He was scheduled to make his first court appearance in North Carolina today, but the public – including elected officials and the media – are prohibited from attending. The court hearing has been postponed until next week, DailyMail.com has learned. Both the Marines and the defense agreed to the delay, and are working on a joint resolution, a source said. Scheller is seeking to be honorably discharged, with a source close to his legal team adamant that the gravity of his alleged offenses were insufficiently severe to seek a dishonorable discharge. Thusday’s delayed hearing was over so briefly that Scheller did not even have time to enter the courtroom, the source added. The lack of transparency isn’t sitting well with the non-partisan Justice Warriors Caucus, an official congressional group that advocates for service members who’ve been unjustly incarcerated. ‘We believe that the military is trying to do this behind closed doors without proper oversight,’ Derrick Miller, executive director of the caucus, told Dailoymail.com. ‘There’s nothing that prohibits people from being admitted to this court procedure. ‘The fact that they’re trying to do this behind closed doors should be concerning to every American.’ A military spokesman told DailyMail.com that private proceedings are ‘standard for Initial Review Hearings.’

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