2020 Democrats continue to display disdain for Middle America


Gunshots ring out like a war zone, one right after the other in a sporadic pattern of near-deafening blasts.

I’ll never forget the many evenings I spent sitting on that wooden bench, sipping my off-brand root beer, and watching my dad and grandfather take on bright orange clay birds one by one, week after week.

Blast after bang and disks shattering everywhere, the only fear being my dad’s of not scoring a perfect 25, the only bloodbath being the relentless Wisconsin mosquitoes viciously attacking my bare legs.

Even as a child in grade school, before joining the league’s skeet-shooting team, I remember coming to the elementary conclusion that this must be the safest place on Earth. And I say “elementary” by virtue of its simple profundity, not for its being ill-founded. For, I reasoned, if a rogue, lawless shooter took aim at a bystander, he would certainly have been gunned down by countless law-abiding gun-owners before he could fire a second round. Indeed, the security I felt as I sat there sipping my soda was directly proportional to the number of firearms within my view and the smoky scent of gunpowder filling the air, not in spite of it. It made sense.

My many fond memories at the conservation league, where my dad taught me to shoot and where I took hunter’s safety lessons, reflect what I know to be the reality of sportsmen in the Midwest.

Their gravest crime is the occasional rolling stop, and yet these gun-owners would sooner go to jail than hand over any of their firearms to anyone, particularly the federal government, or take a class every five years to obtain a license for a rifle they’ve been safely and legally discharging for half a century. And yet that could realistically be the choice for them if any one of several Democratic contenders wins back the White House in 2020.

This week, 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., put forth his gun control plan, which includes banning certain types of assault weapons. Although undefined by Booker, “assault weapon” often means most semi-automatic guns, or firearms that discharge each time the trigger is pulled. Booker would also force current owners to give up such guns in a federal buyback program, or else be thrown in prison. His plan also includes mandatory gun licenses that only last five years, obtained through undergoing universal background checks and fingerprint submissions.

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