Mayor Khan: ‘I Can’t Solve London Knife Crime,’ Blames Right Wingers


The London mayor has said he “can not solve knife crime by myself” when pressed on the issue in the London Assembly, blaming Conservative government cuts and implying right-wing opponents are lying.

“The public will see increased police activity in areas of high knife crime. We’re being heckled by the Tories because it’s their cuts,” he claimed during the exchange following a question from Tory Assembly Member (AM) Sean Baily.

Mr. Khan appeared angry and frustrated throughout, calling right-wing members “annoying” and “sanctimonious” as well as blasting: “Heaven forbid we have facts at Assembly when asked by Tory members.”

When he was accused of avoiding questions, he replied: “As things stand, I’m the mayor, not you. Its for me to answer the questions not ask them.”

“As good as some people think I am, I can not solve knife crime by myself. Neither can the police. It’s important to have a teamwork approach,” he said later to laughs and jeers.

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