And the winner is… Republican wins after name drawn from bowl in Va. race


The winner of a crucial Virginia House of Delegates race was decided for the GOP candidate by a drawing Thursday after judges rejected a Democratic challenge of a vote that could have broken a tie.

Republican incumbent David Yancey was the victor after a small canister holding a slip of paper with his name was drawn from a ceramic bowl. Yancey claims the 94th district seat in Newport News, and the GOP will retain its majority by 51-49.

A victory for Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds would have split the House 50-50.

“This election has certainly shown the importance of every vote and the power of one single vote,” said James Alcorn, chairman of the State Board of Elections. Then, after drawing a canister, he announced “The winner of House District 94 is David Yancey.”

But the drawing may not be the end of it. Before the drawing, Yancey declined an offer from Simonds to make the drawing final, so Simonds had promised that “all options are on the table” if she lost.

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