Adult diapers and cold weather didn’t stop these people from welcoming 2018


Throngs of revelers channeled their inner Sir Edmund Hillary to weather a bone-chilling New Year’s Eve in Times Square — the coldest since 1962.

Milwaukee tourist Sallie Anderson, 29, bragged that the expected 8-degree temps at the Crossroads of World were a piece of cake, considering where she spent the holiday last year — the South Pole.

“This is no big deal,” she said, wearing the same Canada Goose-brand Expedition parka she donned for her Antarctic trek as she stood in Times Square with her mom.

The pair began waiting for the ball at 9:45 a.m.

“I’m actually overheating at the moment. I don’t have gloves on. I have warmers, but I don’t have them on,” Anderson said.

Her coat was originally designed for researchers living in Antarctica — and she needed it.

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