Obama challenges Trump on Obamacare, Paris climate pact


Barack Obama promised upon leaving the White House that he would stay out of President Trump’s hair unless it was really, really important.

Increasingly during 2017, Mr. Obama found really important topics on which to challenge Mr. Trump.

When Mr. Trump pushed Congress last March to repeal Obamacare, Mr. Obama jumped in to save his signature program with one of his first public comments as a private citizen.

“Reality continues to discredit the false claim that this law is in a ‘death spiral,’” Mr. Obama said, using Mr. Trump’s favorite phrase for criticizing the Affordable Care Act. “Likewise, this law is no ‘job-killer.’”

After Mr. Trump reversed Mr. Obama’s decision and pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement in June, Mr. Obama criticized his successor’s move as “a difficult position to defend.”

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