Americans now up to 13.6 alcoholic drinks per week


‘Tis the season to pass the bubbly and cheers to a spirited new year for many Americans. But, what if you keep up the habit beyond the holidays? How many drinks are safe throughout the week?

Women should have no more than one drink per day and men no more than two, according to Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This isn’t necessarily a weekly recommendation of 7 to 14 drinks. Also, Dietary Guidelines doesn’t recommend anyone who doesn’t drink should start drinking.

Based on per capita consumption from alcoholic beverage sales data, the average American drinks roughly 1.35 drinks per day, 9.5 drinks per week and 494 drinks per year, said Aaron White, senior scientific advisor to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism director. But, White said that number is higher — 1.94 drinks a day, 13.6 per week and 705 a year when adjusting for age (looking at just adults 18 and older, the majority of the nation’s drinkers).

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