Democrats Offer ‘License Plate Readers’ in Exchange for Huge DREAM Amnesty


Democratic Senator Dick Durbin is prodding GOP Senators in closed-door negotiations to accept his huge DREAM amnesty in exchange for his promise to let low-ranking border officials continue routine, non-political practices.

For example, Durbin’s lopsided proposal says Democrats will allow customs officials to buy commonplace $3,000 computerized license-plate readers for cheaply identifying cars as they pass through the border. But that agreement to buy the cost-saving devices is conditional on GOP Senators supporting the Democrats’  amnesty of 3.25 million ‘dreamer’ illegals  — plus millions of their illegal immigrant parents and chain-migration relatives — at the cost of at least $26 billion over the first ten years.

“The Democrats have made a big show of saying they are for border security, but all they are agreeing to are things that would be done in normal circumstances,” a Hill source said.

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