Trudeau calls returning ISIS terrorists “extraordinary voices in our community”


During an end-of-the-year interview with CTV, Justin Trudeau made outrageous comments about the ISIS terrorists who are coming back to Canada after killing and raping in Syria and Iraq.

We know of at least 60 such terrorists, and there are likely much more, since the ISIS stronghold has been rooted out.

And here’s what Justin Trudeau said about them:

…someone who has engaged and turned away from that hateful ideology can be an extraordinary powerful voice …in the community.

“Turned away from that hateful ideology”? How does he know that? Because they said that, in order to be allowed to come home? So the word of a rapist and a murderer is good enough — not just that, but to be a role model, an example to the community?

Our criminal code has provisions against terrorism, and specifically, provisions about even travelling to join a terrorist group, even if you don’t shoot a bullet or rape anyone.

But Trudeau is just fine with them coming back and saying, “My bad, I’m cool now, pass me the welfare.”

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