CUNY staffer who earns $106K for ‘nothing’ sues school for $8M


A CUNY administrator who gets paid $106,700 a year in taxpayer funds is now suing for $8 million because he has “nothing to do.”

Harendra “Harold” Sirisena, once the bursar at New York City College of Technology, has had his duties gradually slashed over the past 14 years for no reason, he claims in a federal discrimination lawsuit.

Yet he continues to collect a fat paycheck — and even gets contractual raises. Since last fiscal year, his salary has jumped by nearly $10,000.

Sirisena, 72, told the Post he sits idly in a tiny cubicle from 7am to 3 pm, listening to music, watching cricket or rugby games online, and sometimes dozing off.

“I am just there. There is no work for me,” he said. “Sometimes I fall asleep at the desk.”

When Sirisena spoke to The Post last year, he said his sole assigned task — plugging names onto form letters — took up an average 30 days a year. That left 171 days, or 86 percent of his time.

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