Baby who was declared dead and woke up on the way to his funeral has now died


A baby who was declared dead and woke up in a plastic bag while the family was driving to his funeral has now died, according to local media.

The baby boy, born on November 30 in a suburb of Delhi, India, died late on Tuesday, a police spokesman told The Times of India.

The incident began following the premature delivery of twins, a boy and a girl, after a five-month pregnancy. The girl was declared stillborn; the boy was declared dead a short time later.

The babies were placed in plastic bags and the family was driving to the crematorium when they saw movement. They opened the bag to find the live child.

The baby was placed on life support, according to local TV news channel NDTV.

“We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident,” said a spokesperson for the private Max Hospital.

Delhi police said they had collected hospital records for the mother and treatment records for the newborn babies. Video from the hospital also was being reviewed, they said.

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