Video shows Ice Age-era cave network found under Montreal


Explorers have unearthed a massive Ice-Age-era cave network below the Canadian city of Montreal, according to new reports.

Daniel Caron, who made the startling find along with fellow cave scientist Luc Le Blanc, was awestruck to discover a place to untouched by humanity lurking a mere 30 feet below Montreal’s busy streets.

“Normally you have to go to the moon to find that kind of thing,” he told the Canadian Press.

Even as the city of 1.75 million grew since its founding in 1642, the cave network — formed between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago — remained hidden right under Montrealers’ noses.

“They’ve dug sewers and made basements, but no one had ever seen them,” La Blanc told National Geographic.

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