New York Man Charged with Biting Family Puppy’s Eye Out


A New York man has been arrested and charged for allegedly biting the eye out of the family puppy, a report says.

Aaron Kluger, 20, of Long Island, was arrested on December 2 and charged with torturing and injuring an animal when an animal care worker called police after the family shih tzu puppy, Chloe, was mangled, according to PIX 11.

Animal care experts tried to reattach the three-year-old dog’s right eye and are hopeful that the surgery will prove a success.

The Nassau County SPCA was called when the family brought little Chloe to a veterinarian to care for her injuries. The animal doctor called authorities after hearing how the dog’s injuries were perpetrated. From there, police became involved, and Kluger was arrested on Saturday in Port Washington, New York.

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