Impeaching Nixon vs. Taking Down Donald Trump


Recently, a question was raised during my appearance on The Hagmann Report. The questioner asked if I saw any parallels between the effort that resulted in President Richard Nixon’s resignation after impeachment hearings that resulted from his involvement in the Watergate scandal and other crimes and the current effort on the part of the Shadow Government, most of the mainstream media, and the left to force President Donald J. Trump from office because of alleged collusion with the Russians, or more recently, alleged obstruction of justice.

The answer is yes – and no. Notwithstanding the 45 years separating the two presidents, there are some major similarities and some differences, as well.

I was a young student journalist in the nation’s capital during the Watergate and impeachment period. Armed with an official D.C. Metropolitan Police press pass, I was able to cover and report on political events in Washington, D.C. like any other accredited journalist. Being young and with a lot of energy and an insatiable interest in politics and current events, I took full advantage of the access.

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