North Korea’s missiles are an ‘imminent threat’ and talking to Kim Jong-un is ‘meaningless’ warns Japan


North Korea’s missile tests are an ‘imminent threat’ to Japan, the Japanese parliament declared on Monday, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said talking to the reclusive state was meaningless.

The upper house unanimously adopted a resolution protesting against the North’s firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile that dropped into the sea inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone last week.

The launch showed Pyongyang was determined to continue its nuclear and missile programs and constituted ‘an unprecedented, significant and imminent threat against the safety of the region, including Japan’.

‘This is a frontal challenge against the international community that must not be tolerated,’ added the resolution.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula are high after last Wednesday’s missile launch.

On Monday the United States and South Korea began their largest-ever joint air exercise, described by Pyongyang as an ‘all-out provocation’.

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