How three celebrity-backed charities spend your donations


Charitable donations to Eric Trump’s foundation reached an all-time high in 2016 as his dad ran for president, while Al Sharpton raked in record compensation from his own nonprofit.

And the foundation filings of disgraced newsman Charlie Rose show he’s a lot less liberal with his charitable giving than he allegedly was with his unwanted sexual advances.

The annual filings by the three nonprofits, which were reviewed by The Post, outline how much the three men’s charities took in, how they spent the money and the salaries paid to employees and directors.

Here’s what they show:

Rev. Al Sharpton

The National Action Network paid its president and CEO a record amount of money in 2016.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who also founded NAN, got a $437,555 bonus on top of his $250,000 salary, bringing his pay to nearly $700,000. He got $256,706 the previous year.

The Harlem nonprofit said it wanted to make up for years when the activist was not fully paid and because it did not offer him a retirement or benefits package, although he gets health insurance from NAN.

An unidentified board member kicked in $250,000 for his pay, said Rachel Noerdlinger, a NAN rep.

Sharpton, 63, has not gone without a salary since 2008 and was paid as much as $541,402 in the ensuing years, NAN’s tax filings show.

NAN took in $5.8 million in contributions in 2016. Years of outstanding taxes were paid off in 2014.

But Sharpton owes $908,488.80 to the state for personal income taxes and for three of his companies, the state Tax Department says.

And city records show $3.5 million in outstanding federal tax liens against him and his Raw Talent firm. The records don’t reflect partial payments.

Sharpton has “installment agreements for both his state and federal taxes,” said Michael Hardy, NAN’s general counsel.

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