‘Justice was rendered, but it was not served’: Kate Steinle’s family reacts to murder suspect’s acquittal


When the jury’s verdict in the trial of a Mexican national accused of murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle was read Thursday, the Steinle family was reportedly absent from court.

“We just want to get this over with and move on with our lives, and think about Kate on our terms,” said Jim Steinle, Kate’s father, in the local newspaper. “Nothing’s been on our terms. It’s been on everyone else’s terms.”

Kate was fatally shot in the back by a stolen gun in the possession of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican national who was previously deported from the US five times and served in a federal prison. Zarate claimed that the shooting was an accident; that it happened after he picked up the gun.

‘”We have never had a second of anger — not a moment,” Jim told the paper at one point during the interview. “Frustration, maybe, and sadness for sure, but no anger and no retaliation or vindictiveness or anything like that. We’re not that kind of people.”


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